For those who want to rest their body and mind, you are welcome to stay in Žirovnica, in the Marcella Apartment, a spacious villa with a terrace. The mountain air and the beautiful surroundings will fill you with energy and give you the drive to take on new challenges. For the more "sea" people, we also offer apartments in Piran. Two smaller apartments for 3 people and one larger apartment for 5 people.

ŽIROVNICA - Rural peaceful village 10 min from BLED LAKE

Welcome to a small rural village that invites you to gather with friends or family. It is suitable for those who want peace and nature. There is a large apartment for 12 people. We also rent it out to fewer people, at a lower price. In this case, we close off a certain part of the apartment. It is ideally located for walks and short hikes up the surrounding hills. It is just 5 minutes' drive to Avseniki in Begunje, 10 minutes' drive to Bled, 35 minutes' drive to Kranjska Gora and 40 minutes' drive to Ljubljana.
Image titlePhoto: Mitja Sodja

PIRAN - Slovenian seaside old port town

The old port town of Piran is located on the headland of the Gulf of Piran and offers a beautiful view of the Slovenian sea. The town is surrounded by medieval walls, which you can climb to admire the old town centre and the sea in the background. It is said to be the most beautiful town on the Slovenian coast, built on salt. In addition to the architecture, the Marine Museum, the Aquarium and other attractions, the town also offers events, culinary offerings and nearby natural attractions.
Image titlePhoto: Mikita Karasiou